What We Do

Engage... Explore... Express...

Bhavnao ko Samjho

Research-based social-emotional learning (SEL) program to create a positive ecosystem for children to thrive


Team-building Games

Engaging children in learning activities helps them to participate, improve retention and build connections.


Story telling
Decision making

Exploring helps children to learn and grow through experiences, develop perspectives and feelings of empathy


Group discussions
Creative expression

Expressing themselves help children to share and listen, understand each other and develop meaningful friendships

This is just the beginning...

We strive to work alongside teachers, parents and well-wishers to create a thriving and resilient community.


“I really enjoyed role-plays and activities. I wish that everyone co-operate with each other. The sessions helped me be more confident.”

Aini Shaikh

Student, Grade 8

“I liked role plays, activities and stories in the session. I wish we had more time to do SEL. If I cry so I said to myself it is normal emotions are uncontrollable and that emotions keep changing”

Khadija Mansuri

Student, Grade 9

“I wish we do role play in everyday class. One thing that impacted in my life is the character strength in which I like kindness and I am kind to my cousin sister”

Saniya Shaikh

Student, Grade 7

“I observed some girls who were previously very shy and reluctant to talk to their peers now had a lot more confidence and were able to express themselves. Seeing this transformation and the happiness of the students was extremely gratifying and humbling.”

Shravya Shriwal

Facilitator, CounSEL Team

“With the help of these constructive sessions, they were able to open up, share, discuss their thought processes freely and frequently without any hesitation. In the last session, looking at their sad faces it seemed they will miss these sessions as they also promised to apply them which they learnt.”

Qhudsiya Sareshwala

Teacher, Shama School (Shahpur)