Teacher Seminars

An Initiative towards Social-Emotional Well-Being in Schools

"A good educational institution is one in which every student feels welcomed and cared for…"

- National Education Policy, 2020

Vision Behind the Initiative

Founder's Thoughts

“During my time at IIT Bombay, I saw some of my closest friends struggle with depression, and I always tried to support them. This motivated me to research and work towards social-emotional well-being and resilience. It is very crucial for us, teachers, to connect with our students, understand them and support them for better student well-being."

Smruti Mirani

Founder & Director, CounSEL

Expert Faculty Speak

“Childhood & adolescence marks significant transition in physiological, cognitive, emotional, social and moral domains in adolescents, and thus, ensuring their psycho-social well-being, should be a top priority."

Dr. Punita Grover

Child Psychiatrist and CBT Expert, GIPS

“In today’s modern times, a successful teacher must have knowledge about psychology and relevance of mental health as they are backbone of our children."

Dr. Pradip Vaghasiya

Managing Director & Psychiatrist, GIPS

Participants Speak

“(Smruti’s) energy and knowledge about the topics clearly shows.”

Kushal Dattani

Founder, Samait Shala

“Session was wonderful and has provided us a full proof holistic approach towards the situation and emotions of the people.”

Roop Kiran Panchal

Counselor, Chetna Empowerment Foundation

“An unsaid family has been created here… (Seminars) helped me develop interpersonal relationships with my team members too and (create) more positive and constructive environment.”

Shaily Mishra

School Academic Coordinator, Zydus School for Excellence (Godhavi)

“Now I have (self) awareness about what I am good at (and) I have got labels for that. I am going to explore more to understand (my)self better.

Gaurav Dobhal

Former Fellow, Teach for India

Our Partner

Since its inception in 2007, GIPS Hospital has been consistently providing the highest quality of comprehensive care to patients of all age groups across India. Besides their ongoing efforts in improving the standards and quality of patient care, GIPS Hospital’s top consultants have been actively involved in raising awareness about mental health through health camps, presentations and community meetings.

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