Give the gift of emotional well-being

Donation Raised in 2020-2021: ₹ 7,63,593/-

Target ₹21,00,000

“Alone Ayesha” to “Awesome Ayesha” – Sounds incredible, doesn’t it?! We, at CounSEL, offer immense courage, compassion, warmth, and a sense of belonging to all those who need to be reassured, because we believe that all of us are truly worthy of it. Our Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) program has the perfect ingredients to assist several such transformations of young students like Ayesha, by making them realize – “You are loved”, “You can do anything” and that “You matter”! 


We, at CounSEL, aim to provide safe spaces primarily to underprivileged children, through our research-based SEL program, “Let’s get emotional”. Our program focuses on empowering students with a set of indispensable skills – social & emotional, which will help them grow into emotionally mature and sensitive young adults. 

For every contribution worth rupees 5000 (80G tax benefit available), we will reach out to 5 young child. We have enriched the lives of over 450 adolescents like Ayesha in just a year. With your support, we aspire to empower thousands of children to become compassionate, and resilient, and “I Can” individuals.

Let's come together to enhance our community's well-being.