A guide to Cope with Anxiety during COVID-19

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All of us are living in unprecedented times, with the uncertainty, constant lock-down and life risk being anxious is natural Some of us might get anxiety related to catching the virus while some feel anxious because of the sudden shift in livestyles. Either way, it’s important to cope with anxiety in a healthy manner. Let us first understand why dealing with anxiety is important.

Anxiety is not only harmful for your mental well-being but also your physical well-being. While a little anxiety is natural, prolonged anxiety can have negative effects on the nervous system and can leave you physically weak and vulnerable.

Psychologically, Anxiety disrupts with one’s routine functioning of life and always keeps you ‘on edge’ and keyed up. Therefore, it is important to cope with anxiety and you might not even realize the ways in which your anxiety is manifested. Try these ways to control your anxiety before it starts controlling you.

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1. Be kind to yourself

The current situation, on the flip side, has given us the opportunity to take time out for ourselves and take care of ourselves. Utilize this time to indulge in activities that make our mind and body happy. But also keep in mind that taking care of your hygiene is equally important. If you need help, check out these 10 self-care apps to take care of yourself and show some love to yourself!

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2. Stay informed, don’t obsess

Since these are sensitive times, staying updated is important. However the news has  overwhelming information which can add up to your anxiety, so stay updated but do not surround yourself with news all day.

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3. Help others

Helping other people if you can through making donations, providing essential services can lessen your anxiety and give you positivity regarding the future. If you don’t know where to start, simply start with your neighborhood. Volunteer to get your neighbour’s essentials when you go out to get yours, write a letter to an old friend, feed stray animals etc. Other things you can do are :

  • Reach out to someone who’s struggling with their mental health
  • Provide food to the homeless
  • Plant seeds
  • Talk to people in your neighborhood who are living alone and might feel lonely
  • Make donations if you are financially capable  
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4. Stay connected

You cannot possibly go and meet your friends during this time but isolating yourself will only increase your anxiety. Stay connected with your close friends through social media and share your feelings with them.

Writing out the plan on a paper helps reduce anxiety

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5. Plan what you can

Since nobody knows what the future holds, try to get some perspective on the things that can be done in the short run. Getting things planned and in place can help reduce anxiety. You can start by planning a routine for yourself. Once you get habituated with a new routine, it will become easier for you to plan out your days accordingly. This, in turn, also reduces uncertainty to some extent and helps you to cope with anxiety. And most importantly, this will give you some control over things and you will feel ‘out of place’ less often.

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6. Reach out

When things seem to be getting out of hand, do not hesitate to seek help professionally. There are a lot of helpline numbers available on the internet which can be easily accessed.

Anxiety can be overwhelming and can leave you really confused but given the right tools and information, it’s not difficult to cope with anxiety and get hold of it to lead a positive life. Find out what works for you and take action! Take care people, and let us know how you find this in the comments below! 


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