Journal Themes

Children will be able to explore 4 new topics for 4 weeks:

Children and us adults too, will be able to become kind, grateful, hopeful and focused individuals. 

What will I find inside the journal?

1. Positive psychology simplified for children

Handpicked positive psychology themes – gratitude, character strengths, growth mindset and optimism – have been woven together and simplified for the little ones. 

2. Comic stories – Once upon a time…

Well, who does not love a good story? We have picked two main characters – little children called Roma and Rahul, who are facing many challenges. Let them tell you how they navigate those different challenges, by having a positive mindset. 

3. Activities for all

Take some time to dive into chosen activities for social-emotional development, which will enhance children’s social skills, empathy, and self-awareness. 

4. Inspiring quotes and affirmations

It is always good to remember, ‘Mistakes help me grow’, ‘I will be the best me’, ‘I matter’ and these beautiful quotes and information has been seamlessly integrated into the journal. And guess what, children can color them, too! 

5. Food for thought

Children can write about what they are grateful for and why; they can think about their own unique strengths and those of others, and think critically about different thoughts and mindsets. And, all of this in an age-appropriate way!


“All profits will go towards charitable work done by CounSEL, a non-profit organisation working towards children’s emotional well-being.”