July 7, 2019

Early Detection and Intervention of Psychological Problems,

Positive Psychology – I: Discussion on Character Strengths

Aug 4, 2019

Anxiety Spectrum Disorders

Positive Psychology – II: Classroom Applications

Sep 1, 2019

Preventing Addiction: Mobile and Substance Abuse,

Resilience – I: Introduction to Resilience and Optimism

OCT 13, 2019

Developmental Disorders in Children and Classroom Interventions,

Resilience – II: Skills that can be mastered for a resilient self

NOV 10, 2019

Depression and Suicide Prevention

Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

DEC 1, 2019

Learning Disability and Academic Underachievement,

Assertive Communication and Conflict Management

JAN 5, 2020

Application of Basic Counselling Skills in Classroom Settings

Mindfulness, Gratitude: Classroom Applications

FEB 2, 2020

Sex Education for Adolescents

Positive Interventions Inside & Outside Classrooms

FEB – MAR, 2020Participant Presentations on “Applications of Course Learnings for Personal & Professional Transformation”

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