A community that embraces the balance between mind and heart

OUR Mission

To empower children from humble backgrounds to become emotionally healthy and socially connected citizens.


  • Children are stressed… Do we ask them how they are doing?
  • Children have so much unmet potential… Do we inspire enough?
  • Children have digital access… Do they feel connected and empowered?

What we do

We sensitise teachers to support students' emotional needs through our social-emotional learning (SEL) program, “Bhavnao ko Samjho”. This experiential programme enables students to understand and manage emotions, show empathy and build positive relationships. Thus, we enable children to:


Our Approach

We partner with schools and organizations to prepare children for real life with the right social and emotional mindset.  

  • We Understand

    We learn about the specific challenges of our partners.

  • We Set Goals

    Together, we set specific goals to enhance well-being.

  • We Act

    We implement a collaborative SEL program.

  • We Achieve

    We measure the benefits, we celebrate and we improve.

Our Reach

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  • “I really enjoyed role-plays and activities. I wish that everyone cooperate with each other. The sessions helped me be more confident.”

    Aini Shaikh

    Student, Grade 8, Shama School (Shahpur)
  • “Sometimes, I can control my anger and my emotions.”


    Student, Grade 7, Shama School (Shahpur)
  • “The SEL Program is for sure a step towards creating better humans out of our students. We are fortunate to have coordination with people like you (CounSEL) who have empathy and desire to teach and share”

    Zaheeda Desai

    Principal, Shama School (Shahpur)
  • “(Teacher) Seminar was wonderful and has provided us a full proof holistic approach towards the situation and emotions of the people. Facilitators are fabulous, very helpful and supportive.”

    Roop Kiran Panchal

    Counsellor, Chetna Empowerment Foundation
  • “These (teacher) seminars helped me understand the child in a better way.”

    Kavita Thakkar

    Teacher, Zydus School for Excellence (Godhavi)

Take a step towards your well-being and inspire others around you.